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Frankinsence oil is used in aromatherapy and offer myriad health benefits. Acts Exceptionally on Pigmentation. Diffuse it in your living space to sharpen your focus and enjoy stress-free experience.

Frankinsence is an expensive essential oil loaded with umpteen health benefits. Few of the ancients burn this herb in their auspicious occasions while a few use it in perfumes and fight imperfections on the skin. The beautifying elements present in this oil will improve overall facial appearance. This oil known as the king of oils promotes healthy cell functioning in the body. When you are meditating or offering prayers, you can dab this oil to lift up your spiritual experience.


  • Treats Pigmentation
  • Skin discoloration, imperfections Promote healthy and glowing skin
  • Improve memory
  • Lift up your spiritual experience after its inhalation
  • Promote positive thoughts
  • Prevent bad breath and other oral ailments

Uses of Frankinsence oil

  • Apply a few drops of this oil regularly on your facial skin to reduce imperfections, aging signs, scars and other skin problems
  • Dab this oil in your home or on your clothes to spread good fragrance and promote positive thoughts and invite spiritual experience
  • Diffuse this oil in the place where you carry out yoga to spread positive thoughts around and promote serene environment

How to Use

  • Topical use: Rub two to four drops on the desired area. If your skin is sensitive, then you need to dilute this oil by adding a few drops of other oils prior to applying the mixture on the skin to reduce skin irritation. You can use this oil internally, but in limited dosage to avoid it from getting toxic
  • Diffusion: Add a few drops in the diffuser and diffuse in the home to create a pleasant ambience and serenity
  • Internal use: Add a drop of this oil with 4 fluid ounces


  • Keep this away from the reach of children
  • People with sensitive skin should not apply this oil directly on their skin
  • Pregnant women and people who are under medication have to use this oil after consulting a physician