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Neroli is the powerful essential oil that is power-packed with calming and soothing properties. Its exotic citrus fragrance offer myriad skin benefits. In aromatherapy, this oil is used as a tranquilizer that allay the stress levels, fight insomnia, and depression.

Neroli oil is alluring and intensely floral fragrance, it is used in perfume and cosmetic products industry since ages. This is used aromatically and for topical use in diffusers, scrubs, lotions, and baths. This is used to fight seasonal diseases and nervousness. This calming scent lifts up the spiritual experience and soothe your body and mind. This is must-add ingredient in different perfumes.

Uses of this oil

  • Add this oil in the skin cream, you are using to promote healthy looking skin
  • Add a few drops of this oil in the diffusers and keep in the living space to drain out stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Add a few drops of this oil in the bathing water to rejuvenate yourself after a hectic day and reduce menstrual discomfort

How to Use

Topical use: Mix a few drops of this oil to coconut oil to reduce skin irritation. You can use this on your body as a perfume or as a room freshener to keep bad odor and germs at bay

Diffuser: Add a few drops of this pleasant oil in the diffuser to elevate the ambience of your living space and make it serene


  • Keep this oil away from the reach of children
  • Keep in a cool place to retain its aroma and power for a long time
  • Pregnant, nursing women and people who are taking medications have to consult a doctor prior to using this oil
  • Do not get in touch with eyes and mucous membrane while applying this oil


  • Works as a Natural Perfume
  • Used as an anti-depressant, anti-septic and sedative
  • Inhale the fragrance of this oil to control blood pressure
  • Promote calming and soothing effect