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Lavender is a single oil that has floral fragrance. It creates a tranquilize ambience with its calming properties that lets you enjoy the pure bliss. By inhaling the aroma of this versatile herb lets you have a sound sleep and also used for skin irritation when applied in the respective area.

Lavender is well-known for its clear, fresh, and classic aroma and was valued for its rich medicinal and aromatic uses since ages by the people. The calming, soothing, cleaning, and relaxing properties loaded in this flower make it well-suited for everyday applications. Lavender is in use for years due to its aromatic and therapeutic benefits. Relaxation and serenity are the powerful qualities of this flower. Adding a few drops of this single oil to the bath water will make you feel relaxed. Due to its versatile nature, it is must-have oil in every home and office.

Key benefits

  • Create a peaceful and relaxing ambience
  • Help to get rid of skin irritations that are experienced during winter
  • Reduce anxiousness
  • Apply this oil on your skin to avoid irritating bugs, mosquitos and infestation bites at bay
  • Alleviate muscle aches and back ache
  • Promote peaceful sleep
  • Inhalation of this wonderful aroma reduces tension

How to Use

Topical use: Dab a few drops of this use in the area where you feel it is messy and want to transform the ambience of the area. Add a few drops of this oil with coconut oil to reduce skin irritation, if your skin is sensitive.

Diffuser: Pour two to three drops of this oil in the diffuser to maintain a wonderful ambience and fragrance in your office room or bedroom

Internal use: Add a single drop of this oil in 4 to 5 fluid ounces of liquid

General Uses

  • Spray a two to three drops of this oil on your bed sheets and apply a little to your feet to have a better sleep
  • Drain out the bad odor from your car, kitchen closerts, cabinets, and other enclosed areas by blending lavender oil with water and spray it across
  • Add a few drops of this oil in your laundry during drying phase to add fragrance to your clothing fiber
  • Apply two to three drops of this oil on your skin to keep skin burns at bay during scorching summer


  • People with sensitive skin should be careful while using
  • Keep the oils away from the reach of kids
  • Pregnant women and women who are feeding their babies should use this oil under the supervision of a medical practitioner
  • Never get in contact with your ears, eyes and sensitive areas of the body while using it