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Essential oils are our real friends and are the solution providers to all the queries in our daily life.
God has created this mankind and at the same time he also introduced all this grasses, fruits, flowers and vegetation as an answer to all the problems and for the well-being of the human being.
But in this modern age we have completely forgotten the God’s powerful gift and running behind the artificial & temporary solutions which in return hurt us in the long run in many unknown ways.
Enough is enough we at
L'ESPERANZAU ® – Sacred Essential Oils are working hard with dedication & honesty to get back the forgotten Elixir in to the usage for the well-being of this society.

Ways of working of Essential oils on Human body: -

The routes through which Essential oils react with the body & its metabolism are called pathways.
Phase I: - The Sense of smell. When we smell any Essential Oil the vapour stimulates small hair-like extensions of our Olfactory nerve. The Olfactory nerve is the only nerve in the body that directly contracts the external environment & goes all the way to the brain.
Phase II: - On topical application Essential oils penetrate the epithelial tissues which includes skin, nasal passages, bronchioles, lungs & gastro-intestinal tract.
Phase III: - Pathways involves the elimination process. Some components of EO’s are picked up by the lungs & are outgassed as a vapour. Example Eucalyptol is transported to the lung surfaces by the blood stream & calms the mucous membranes as it exits.