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All the natural salt is treated with the essential oil of lemongrass and the organic flakes. Lemongrass is known to be the hot grass with the fresh scent of citrus. The delightful scent of the lemongrass will brighten up the mood and relieve from the stress.


The perfume smell of the lemongrass itself is known to boost up the energy.The stimulating aroma and the scent of citrus lemon will give the clue of fresh grass. This lemongrass bathing salt is having the rejuvenating properties which are helpful in renewing the body and the mind of the person.

Direction to use

  • Add one handful of lemongrass bathing salt to hot water bath
  • Allow it to dissolve completely
  • Soak yourself for 20-30 minutes until you feel relaxed
  • Rinse and wash off the body thoroughly with fresh water


Taking bath in the water that is filled with the lemongrass bathing salt will be helpful in energizing the body and it will provide relief from the symptoms of jetlag, clears of the headaches and bursts out the stress


  • The lemongrass oil in the bathing salts might give an irritating feeling to the sensitive skin so care has to be taken while using it
  • It is recommended to avoid its usage during pregnancy because of its possible nature of being skin irritant

Main constituents:lemongrass and other essential oils