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Carrier Oils are the base oils generally used to complement and carry the essential oils equally and effectively on the skin. 

As we use few drops of Essential oils for respective usage whether its on Skin, Scalp etc., .Carrier Oils will also reduce the potentness of Essential Oils to act in  single point when used solely by making it spread in complete area.

The role of Carrier Oils are equally important as both contribute for the better results.

Carrier Oils which we generally use are Natural Almond, Olive, Virgin Coconut, Castor oil etc.,

There are other premium carrier oils which are rarely heard in our day to day life like Hemp seed, Macadamia, Apricot Kernel etc..,

In a short conclusion Carrier Oils are must to be included with Essential Oils for any Topical application on Skin, Hair, Body massage etc.,