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Virgin Coconut carrier oil is a multipurpose oil and is 100 percent organic that is produced by a cold press process or wet process which can be used for conditioning the skin and hair.


The virgin coconut carrier oil is helpful for skin and hair as it provides nourishment and moisturizers from deep within by protecting the hair and skin from the harmful sun rays and by making hair healthy and maintains complexion. This extra virgin coconut oil is pure and is processed without any heat for retaining the inimitable balance of nutrients. This is an ideal moisturizer which promotes smooth skin and soft texture. This oil is recommended highly for massaging babies which can be applied directly to the skin or hair before washing. This is a treatment for effective conditioning.It is beneficial for damaged hair as it adds luster and to the dry and sensitive skin as it provides a soothing effect.


The problems related to dandruff are cured, helps in promoting the hair growth, treatment of scars and while massaging it will help in burning the cellulite. So get this virgin coconut oil and pamper the precious skin.


  • Apply the coconut oil directly onto the hair before showering for nourishment
  • Apply 5-6 drops of oil onto the body directly for skin nourishment
  • For getting rid of dandruff this oil can be mixed with 4-5 drops of lavender essential oil and tea tree oil.
  • For promoting hair growth it can be mixed with rosemary essential oil

Directions to use

  • Diffuser: Mix few drops of coconut oil with either lavender oil or tea tree oil
  • Internal use:This coconut oil is rich in triglycerides so it can be used for cooking
  • Topical use:Take sufficient amount of virgin coconut oil and can be applied directly to skin or hair


  • This virgin coconut oil acts as the great moisturizer and is suitable for all the skin and hair types.
  • It can be used regularly upon which it softens and smoothens the skin
  • It can be used for hair, skin and dietary treatments.


Virgin coconut carrier oil is a very healthy oil and is absolutely safe oil.But individuals who are allergic to nuts have to consult the medical practitioner before using the nut oils or any other related products.

Primary benefits: Damaged hair can be conditioned, smoothens, and softens the skin, provides even skin tone

Main constituents:coconuts

Plant part: nut

Collection method: cold press process or wet process