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Vetiver oil, also known as Khus oil is a plant oil that is famous throughout the Indian subcontinent. It has heavy, earthly and the grounding fragrance which is employed often in the oriental type of perfumes as a fixative.


The Vetiver oil is an essential oil which is obtained from the roots and has a wide range of applications such as it can be used for the skin that is prone to acne and for the oily skin to get rid of scars. This plant oil is obtained from grass which is a larger root system by steam distillation. Oil of peacefulness is the other feature for which this oil is known for. It calms down the nervous system and is considered to be the best oil for deep relaxation. It is broadly used in the perfume industries, in room fresheners, and in coolers along with the oils, soaps, and cosmetics. It is used as the flavoring agent in foodstuff, sorbets, and in beverages.


  • 3 drops of Vetiver oil should be mixed with 6 drops of Chamomile oil and with 6 drops of bergamot oil and finally to the desired massage oil. It can be used for relaxation of mind, body, and soul.
  • For making the body oil to sense the rest and the rejuvenation feeling prepare a mixture of Vetiver oil 8 drops, clergy sage oil 8 drops and lavender oil 8 drops and use.
  • Take one drop of Vetiver oil and mix it will chemical free, fragrance-free body cream or oil to have the soothing effect and to support the skin that is hot and dry.
  • For having the cooling effect add two drops of Vetiver oil to the bath water and soak you.


  • It has got many antiseptic properties
  • Any acne marks and the scars on the skin can be eradicated easily with this oil
  • It has got many health benefits such as anti-inflammatory, nervine, sedative, etc.
  • This oil is highly useful for anxiety problems

Directions to use

Diffusion: The Vetiver has the rich, sensuous and the earthly aroma so it can be used as a diffuser for fixative purposes in limits with other oils

Internal use: It is not recommended for internal use

Topical use: One drop of Vetiver oil can be used for massaging as it remains on the skin for many days


The Vetiver oil is only for the external usage. It is recommended not to be used by the pregnant women. Internal consumption is not supported. Children below the age of 10 should not use this oil.

Aromatic description: Rich, earthy, fresh

Main constituents: Vetiver essential oil

Collection method: Steam distillation

Plant part: Roots