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Peppermint is mild, minty, softer and cousin of spearmint. Its a must to have one for its multiple uses. It allays Migraine, Emotional illnesses, Flue and promotes healthy life.


Peppermint improves digestion, and promotes sound emotional health. It is added as an active ingredient while making chewing gums, candies and oral products. Its mint aroma helps get rid of bad breath and lung congestion. The refreshing properties loaded in mentha make it an excellent choice to use for dental care.

Benefits of  Oil

  • Improve respiratory function
  • Anti Flu, Migraine & Sinus
  • Improve the mood and keep your mind calm with its aroma
  • Promote sound dental health and keep bad breath at bay
  • Alleviate muscle and joint pain

How to use

Topical use: Apply two to three drops of this oil in the desired area and if your skin is sensitive, dilute this oil with other oils prior to applying

Diffusion: Add a few drops of this oil in the diffuser to spread the sweet scent of this oil in the home and workplace. Diffuse it once or twice every day for 30 minutes

Uses of mentha oil

  • Add a few drops of this oil in the diffuser to improve the mood, air quality, concentration, and produce soothing fragrance, and create a positive ambience in your place
  • Add a few drops of this oil in water to ease your stomach
  • Massage a few drops of this oil on heart to reduce fear and boost confidence
  • Add a few drops in aromatic bath to relax your body after an intense workout


  • Keep this away from young children
  • Keep this oil away from eyes, nose and ears