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Jojoba carrier oil extracted from the jojoba plant (SimmondsiaChinensis) seeds is light in texture. The properties of this oil are similar to the skin self-natural oil. It nourishes the skin and increase hair volume.


Jojoba carrier oil is rich in various Vitamins such as Vitamin E in addition to which it also contains Vitamin A, B1, B2, and B6. This oil can be used for dry scalp, clogged pores, for deep moisturizing, brittle nails and more. This carrier oil is the ideal of all which blends easily with most of the essential oils and it has the properties of nourishing the skin. This oil is suitable for all the skin types let it be dry, oily or a mature skin. The skin is softened and smoothened by this natural antibacterial astringent which also helps in slowing down the free radical process. The best use of this oil is that it can be used as the natural makeup remover, skin softener, lip balm, massaging oil, carrier oil, and for conditioning the treatment. The oil filled with Vitamin E is helpful in moisturizing the skin deeply and gently by cleansing the skin effectively.


  • It can be used as moisturizer for face by applying 4-5 drops twice, in the morning and while going to bed
  • To the conditioner add 5-6 drops of jojoba oil or it can be applied after shower to the wet hair
  • 1-2 drops of jojoba oil can be appliedtothe area with wrinkles and dap it in circular motions till it is absorbed.
  • The infected or the irritation area can be treated with jojoba oil

Directions to use

  • Diffusion: In a teaspoon of this jojoba carrier oil blend 4-5 drops of any kind of essential oil
  • Internal use:It is not recommended for internal use
  • Topical use:On to the skin and hair this oil can be directly used for massaging


The Jojoba carrier oil is considered to be safe oil. But before going for its usage, it is recommended to do the patch test if any irritation occurs clear of the oil applied area. It is especially recommended for the skin that is prone to acne.


  • Safely removes the makeup
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Any razor burns are prevented
  • Hair health is promoted

Primary benefits: Treating acne problems,promotes skin and hair health

Collection method: Cold press process

Plant part: seeds

Main constituents:extra virgin olive oil