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Jasmine is a rare oil that produces exquisite and natural romantic aroma. The floral sweetness of this oil is used to create perfumes of different fragrances and massage oils. It is power-packed with myriad aromatic and therapeutic benefits.

Jasmine oil improves mood, balances hormones and gives euphoric feeling. It is used as a natural remedy to fight stress, depression, and anxiety. Jasmine oil used in aromatherapy will reduce heart rate, blood pressure and breathing problem. Seductive scent is the other name of Jasmine oil that produce strong fragrance which increase sensuality. It reduces imperfections on the skin and promotes youthful looking skin.

Benefits of Jasmine

  • Boost self-confidence, joy & peace
  • Gives romantic feeling
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Fight depression & Promote sound sleep
  • Improve concentration power
  • Lift up the mood of the people

How to Use

  • Topical use: Blend few drops of this oil with coconut oil to reduce skin sensitivity
  • Diffuser: Add two to three drops of this oil in the diffuser to diffuse the fragrance throughout the room

General Uses

  • Apply a few drops of this oil on the affected areas of the skin to keep scars at bay and promote healthy looking skin
  • Rub a few drops on your neck area and pressure points to reduce tension and improve mood
  • Add a few drops of this oil in your bathing water to enjoy spa like experience and drain out the stress
  • Apply a few drops on abdomen to keep the symptoms of PMS at bay


  • Users with sensitive skin should dilute and apply to avoid skin irritation
  • Keep this away from the reach of children
  • Pregnant and nursing women should take this under the administration of a doctor to avoid side effects
  • Do not get in contact with eyes, ears, and other inner areas