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Hemp Seed oil is prepared through the cold pressed process and is considered to be naturally superior because of the process, medicinal values, scent, and the nutrients. 


The Hemp Seed oil is best used for softening the skin, for moisturizing, which is, specialized,. It has got natural skin qualities and matches skin combinations than any other oils. This oil is highly gentle where it can be used for the sensitive skins and has the best skin character. For skin care, it is regarded as the best base oil.


  • This oil is used as the base oil for cosmetics
  • This can be used as natural moisturizer.

  • Topical use: 
  • Apply few drops of Hemp Seed oil to the skin, or body and massage it gently.


    Primary benefits: 

    Skin, conditions are improved, used in ultra niche products


    Collection method: Cold press process