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Grape seed oil is obtained from the seeds of the grapes usually the wine grapes. This grape seed oil is used in cosmetic and culinary applications. In most of the skin and hair care products, grape seed oil is one of the important ingredients.


The most popular use of Grape seed oil is in the cosmetic application. Grapes are known to be one among the popular fruits globally. As per experts, the seeds are considered to be the healthiest part, as they are loaded with the antioxidants that are powerful. To the fact, the grape seed oil is the ingredient that increases the shelf life of the beauty related products including sunscreen lotions and moisturizers. It provides assistance in repairing the skin and in turn antiseptic and the mild astringent properties are offered by this oil. It also has many medicinal properties.


  • Take few drops of this grape seed oil in hands and rub it in the palms, then massage in the mounting direction till it is totally absorbed into the smooth skin.
  • For getting the spa experience at home add 5-10 drops of grape seed oil in bathing water
  • For 1 tablespoon of any desired carrier oil used for massage add 8 – 10 drops of grape seed oil. Then apply it to get relief from joint and muscle pains.


  • It helps in getting rid of acne and pimples as it contains linoleic acid
  • The astringent properties of grape seed oil help in skin tightening
  • Grape seed oil helps in minimizing the under eye circles
  • The essential nutrients in this oil will help in faster growth of hair
  • It is the best moisturizing oil for hair and scalp
  • Helps in maintaining the good cholesterol level in the body

Directions to use

  • Diffuser: Grape seed oil can be diffused in home with the help of an oil diffuser or it can be inhaled directly from the bottle
  • Internal use:Add a drop of very high-quality brand oil to water or it can be taken as the dietary supplement by mixing it with either honey or a smoothie
  • Topical use:The grape seed oil has to be diluted with any type of carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut oil in 1:1 ratio before its application on skin


Though grape seed oil is considered to be a safe essential oil it might certainly interact with some kind of medications such as antidepressants and the BP medicines. If wanted to use the grape seed oil as the natural remedy for any medication or in the diet it is recommended to consult a physician.

Aromatic description: Nutty and sweet

Main constituents: limonene

Plant part: seeds

Collection method: cold pressed or solvent extraction