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Geranium bathing salts are the perfect product for gifting the individual who wanted to have the long and comfortable soak while bathing. It is chosen for its calming and the uplifting properties.


Using this Geranium bathing salts is a good practice for health, as it is packed with detoxifying and therapeutic properties. Helpful in relaxation and balancing the skin moisture besides promoting a natural glowing skin. This salt is created in such a way that it so helpful in both soothing the mind and indulging the skin. An average bath can be transformed into the beautiful experience such as fragrant spa feel with this wonderfully designed seal salt that is blended with the geranium and other essential oils for the smell.

Directions to use

  • Take a handful of geranium salts and add it to the running water bath
  • Allow it to dissolve completely
  • Soak yourself for 30 minutes till you get relaxed feeling
  • Rinse off the body thoroughly with fresh water


  • This bath salt will make the skin look fresh and young
  • It is helpful in healing the wounds and cuts
  • Aging, skin allergies, arthritis, etc., are treated with this salt


  • It is recommended to do the skin sensitivity test before its usage
  • The skin will be sensitized if used in excess
  • Keep it away from nose, ears, and eyes

Main constituents: geranium, sea salt, and lavender essential oil