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Davana oil with its powerful fragrance retains uniformity even when is diluted. Its helps in Skin tightening and anti ageing process. The aroma of this essential oil is penetrating, fruity, rich and it is pleasantly herbaceous with the tinges of warm wood. It has the slight traces of camphor note.


Primarily Davanaoil is used as the flavoring oil and in perfumes due to its aroma. The fragrance of this oil is fresh and fruity with the tinge of strawberry. Because of its unique aroma, it is used in perfumes due to its resistant nature. The scent of this oil is quite comforting that it is used to get rid of depression and anxiety problems. It has the anti-inflammatory properties so it is added to the kitty of massaging oils. It is helpful in regulating menstruation cycle while relieving from the cramps,nausea, and restlessness.


  • 5 percent of Davana essential oil has to be added to the carrier oil and can be used for massaging for getting relief from joint and muscle pains
  • Add a few drops of Davana oil in high-quality perfumes, body oils, and creams
  • It can be applied onto the cuts, wounds,and injuries
  • For a better sleep sprinkles a few drops of Davana oil on the pillow
  • Few drops of Davana oil can be mixed in the steaming tub to get mind relief

Directions to use

  • Diffuser:Mix 4-5 drops of Davana oil with any kind of diffuser to get the soothing effect
  • Internal use:It can be used as a flavoring agent in foods by mixing with carrier oils
  • Primary use:Mix 5 drops of Davana oil with any desired carrier oil and massage onto the skin for relief from stress and pain


  • To get relief from the infections it can be used as it is antiseptic in nature
  • Skin infections and other related problems are treated
  • Heals the wounds faster and protects from infections
  • It is the best relaxant


Pregnant ladies are recommended to avoid the usage of this oil. It is non-irritant and non-toxic oil so it is not supposed to be used on the broken skin.Nursing women should avoid using this oil. It should never be used without diluting.

Aromatic description: Pleasant, fruity, and rich

Main constituents: Davanone, divan furan, divan ether, and linalool

Plant part: stems and leaves

Collection method: steam distillation