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Wild carrots are used for producing the Carrot seed carrier oil. This oil is pale yellow in color that is rich in Vitamin A and Carotenes. It acts as the boundless conditioner for hair and skin.


In aromatherapy, this carrot seed oil is one of the most underrated carrier oil. It is helpful in relieving from the stress and the exhaustion with the soft earthly smell apart from which it is a powerful detoxifier and the booster for the liver. In general, it stimulates and rejuvenates the skin besides, adds the elasticity to any type of skin. Also, the skin problems are treated with this oil. The carrot seed oil heals the burns and is excellent for the dry and itchy skin.In addition to this, it acts as an exceptional moisturizer for all skin types. s


  • Traditionally carrot seed oil is used as a medicine in China for treating dysentery and to banish worms.
  • A few drops of carrot seed oil can be added to sauces and spicy foods
  • For getting relaxation from the muscle pain 5-6 drops of this oil can be used while bathing or massaging
  • This oil can be used as the lotion directly onto the skin as it moisturizes the skin


  • This oil is mainly used for treating the infection and for the physical well-being of the individuals
  • By applying this oil to the skin, it provides refreshing and young-looking skin and removes wrinkles
  • It is used in aromatherapy widely for relieving from stress and anxiety problems

Directions to use

  • Diffuser: Few drops of oil can be diffused with moisturizer or coconut oil
  • Internal use: few drops of the carrot seed oil can be added to the spicy foods
  • Topical use: It can be applied directly onto the skin before exposing to the sun


Though this carrot seed oil is considered to be the safe oil it is better to avoid during pregnancy.

Primary benefits: physical wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, beauty applications

Collection method: Cold press process

Main constituent: carotol, carotol, anddaucol

Plant part: seeds