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Bergamot is the favorite and widely used sweet-smelling oil that comes with sweet, tangy and citrus flavor which, when inhaled will make you calm and serene. It is packed with myriad skin and hair benefits. 


Bergamot is a plant that produces citrus fruit from which the oil is extracted. This plant is grown in special climatic condition and soil. This is used to reduce skin imperfection and keep stress levels. This soothes the anxious and negative feelings. It is considered to be an excellent choice to  cleanse the skins. It promotes emotional wellness and improve the digestive system. The adorned aromatic fragrance of this oil, made it to use in making perfumes and confectionery items. When you add a few drops in the diffuser, it chills you and stabilizes your mood and bring a bright smile on  your face after a worn out day. This calm your mood and when blend with lavender oil will promote better sleep and sweet dreams. When you inhale the fragrance of this oil, it calms your negative emotions and improve your mood. This oil infuse life in your hair and glow in the skin. It also fights tension, stress, and anxiety besides strengthening the immune system.

How to use this oil?

Diffusion: Add a few drops of this oil in the diffuser to spread the sweet scent of this oil in the home and workplace. Diffuse it once or twice every day for 30 minutes

Internal use: Dilute this oil with other oils for internal use to avoid side effects

Topical use: Apply two to three drops of this oil in the desired area and if your skin is sensitive, dilute this oil with other oils prior to applying

Uses of this oil

  • Diffuse this oil in the home or workplace to calm your emotions and dampen the stress levels
  • Apply a few drops of this oil while taking on your skin to rejuvenate and gain youthful looking skin
  • Add a few drops of this oil to tea to stay refreshed all day long
  • Apply two to three drops of this oil to your feet to have a peaceful and pleasant sleep 
  • Add two to three drops of the oil to the skin care products to double-cleanse the skin 
  • Apply a few drops on the abdomen part and feel for a couple of days to ease the discomfort
  • Apply a few drops on the skin to reduce insect bites
  • Add a few drops of this oil in the water and gargle to improve the oral health


  • Keep this away from the children
  • Do not take it while taking other medication
  • If you are pregnant, consult a physician while taking it internally
  • Store in the cool place to keep its aroma and freshness for long
  • Do not go under the skin after its application on the skin for at least 12 hours
  • Do not get in touch with ears and eyes
  • Do not use on children below 5 years
  • People will skin sensitivity should dilute and use


  • Create a peaceful and tranquilize aroma in the home and office
  • Promote healthy and youthful skin
  • Used in massage therapy to promote relaxation and invigoration
  • Make people feel fresh, energetic, and joyful while kicking off the depression
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Boost metabolic rate
  • Fights fungi, bacteria, and germs
  • Treat urinary and kidney infection
  • Alleviate tension, stress, and anxiety
  • Reduce nerve sensitivity
  • Keep the symptoms of headache at bay
  • Improve skin tone and complexion while reducing skin irritation
  • Boost digestion process and body nutrients absorbing capacity
  • Keep bad odor produced from the body at bay
  • Promote oral health
  • Kill intestinal worms

Aromatic description

Tangy, sweet, rich, fresh, spicy, and floral

Method used to extract the oil

Cold pressed

From which part of the plant the oil is extracted

Rinds of the plant

Key ingredients

Limonene, linalyl acetate